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101 tasks in 1001 days

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie represent some amount of work on your part).

Start Date: 18 October 2013
End Date: 15 July 2016


1. Finish a Teresa Wentzler design
2. Complete a project in Schwalm work (commenced Jan 2011, in progress)
3. Complete GCC class from Embroiderers Guild of America
4. Complete a hardanger project (completed – January 2014: Christmas Heart ornament by The Victoria Sampler)
5. Complete a stumpwork piece
6. Complete 3 charity quilt squares (in progress – 1) May 2014 Butterfly Quartet block; 2) July 2014 Chambered Nautilus block; 3) TBC)
7. Make a bellpull
8. Try dyeing my own floss
9. Try dyeing my own fabrics
10. Finish 3 old needlework UFOs (in progress – 2 out of 3 completed)
11. Get a display cabinet for my needlework smalls
12. Make a queen sized quilt for my bed
13. Make a mosaic top outdoor table
14. Complete 5 stitching tutorials (in progress – 2 out of 5 completed)
15. Have a crochet lesson (completed – February 2014)
16. Stitch a project from Inspirations magazines (non-cross stitch)
17. Stitch a project from Embroidery & Cross Stitch magazines
18. Complete Orion’s quilt
19. Stitch 36 Christmas ornaments (see pages) (completed 25 April 2014)
20. Complete Crazy January 2011 challenge projects (see pages) (completed 13 out of the original 15)
21. Complete Elie’s wedding sampler


22. Learn to make cappuccinos on home coffee machine
23. Try 20 new cocktails (see pages) (in progress: made 10 of 20)
24. Make at least one recipe out of every cookbook I own (see pages) (in progress)
25. Use bread maker to try at least 10 different recipes (see pages) (in progress)
26. Try a new recipe every month (see pages)
27. Make pizza from scratch
28. Make ice cream from scratch
29. Make sushi
30. Make a curry from scratch
31. Make bagels
32. Make tzatziki dip from scratch
33. Make home-made bagels
34. Make creme brulee
35. Cook a recipe from Manu’s cookbook
36. Make hummus from scratch
37. Make macarons (completed – June 2014: Salted Caramel macarons, but they were a total flop!)
38. Try 10 new types of tea (see pages) (in progress)


39. Travel to Northern Territories (eg Ayers Rock)
40. Go to a shooting range
41. Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge
42. Go to Manly Markets
43. Take a road trip from Perth
44. Go hot air ballooning
45. Go to the ballet
46. Travel on the Gondola at Katoomba, Blue Mountains
47. Go to 5 different Museums (see pages) (completed 5 out of 5)
48. Go to an “Ice Bar”
49. Go up to the Observation deck of the Rialto building in Melbourne
50. Visit Sydney’s Reptile Park
51. See a favourite Comedian performing live
52. Go to Sydney’s Vivid Festival
53. ???
54. Visit a town or city I’ve never been to before
55. Visit 10 local sites or landmarks I’ve never been to before (in progress – completed 4 out of 10)
56. Visit Dreamworld and the Tiger enclosure (with photos)
57. Travel to Canada


58. Read 10 of the unread fiction books currently sitting on my bookshelf (see pages)
59. Read at least one non-fiction book from cover to cover
60. Learn how to build a website/blog myself
61. Learn to use Microsoft Access database
62. Take a French lesson
63. Learn how to use my Nikon DSLR camera properly
64. Learn basic HTML
65. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements
66. Read a photography book
67. Learn how to use my Panasonic Lumix camera properly


68. Lose 10kg in weight (see pages)
69. Use the rowing machine or exercycle at least once a week for 6 weeks
70. Walk every morning for 2 weeks (see pages)
71. Get a massage
72. Walk the Bondi walking track
73. Take multivitamins every day for 90 days (see pages)
74. Get eyes re-tested (completed Jan 2014)
75. Get new spectacles – normal ones and prescription sunglasses
76. Eat no fast food for one month (completed – July 2014)
77. Donate blood


78. Start up photography again and complete a photography project
79. Copy my music CD’s onto my computer hard drive
80. Complete a 365 photo a day challenge
81. Get a facial
82. Organise digital photos
83. Give 5 people an unexpected gift (RAK) (see pages)
84. Get a new UK passport
85. Get my duck watercolour painting framed
86. Send a birthday card/email at least once a month (see pages)
87. Assemble a first aid kit to keep in the car
88. Assemble a “Life Docs” folder for emergencies
89. Pay off my Citibank Visa card and cancel it
90. Discuss debt consolidation with Credit Union
91. Participate in a charity event (completed 17 Feb 2014: Volunteered at CEO Cookoff 2014)
92. Donate blood
93. List 100 things that make me happy (see pages)
94. Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to read
95. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet
96. Make a playlist of 101 of my favourite songs (see pages)
97. Organise my recipes
98. Sell something on Ebay
99. Sell Nikon SLR camera bodies


100. Update this list every month
101. When 1001 days are up, update this list and start the process all over again 🙂

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